BMW Re-invents Commuting Experience With Zero G Lounger and I Interaction Ease at CES 2020

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

BMW’s vision of the future car is a more relaxed you. And that begins with a car seat, that offers the feeling of weightlessness.

The ZeroG Lounger tilts up to 60 degrees, for maximum comfort without compromising passenger safety. The seat design integrates anti-submarining features within the seat angle – so the passenger won’t slide forward, when the car comes to a sudden stop. The sides of the seats are equipped with safety airbags to cushion the impact of any accidents.

The ZeroG Lounger seats will soon be made available in future BMW cars.

The centerpiece of BMW’s vision of the future of auto mobility is i-INTERACTION EASE. What you are looking at is an abstract car on the outside for now because BMW wants you to focus on what is really happening on the inside.

BMW’s showcase forces us to really change the way we look at cars in the future as machines that learn about how we use them, instead of us learning how to use intelligent cars.