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Beyerdynamic T1 / T5 Review: The Best Starter Headphones for Audiophiles?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Trying to get into the audiophile scene is difficult, in more ways than one. And the barrier to entry is a big reason, especially if you’re looking at gear like speakers or full-sized headphones. Beyerdynamic has launched their T1 and T5 3rd gen headphones that I think might be a great option for people looking to start their audiophile journey.

Anyway, a bit of backstory. When I was younger, I considered getting some headphones for use at home. After trudging through a pile of information about headphones themselves, I realised that for higher-end headphones, you most likely need an amp to get the best out of them. That’s additional cost that has to be factored in, and if I was already going to drop a thousand or two on headphones, it was a bit upsetting that I had to spend again on an amp if the headphones had a high impedance.