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  • Cheryl Tan

Audeze’s Audiophile Gaming Headphones, LCD-GX, Now Available in Singapore

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Cheryl Tan


Credit: Audeze

Gaming headsets usually aren’t the best at reproducing music faithfully, since they’re mostly tuned to be able to pinpoint gunshots, footsteps and more. However, you can always repurpose good headphones for gaming, as long as the imaging is accurate and there’s a decently sized soundstage.

Audeze debuted the LCD-GX back in May 2019 at the High End Munich 2019 show, and it’s been widely praised as a great pair of headphones for not just gaming, but also for music playback.

Credit: Audeze

Using 103mm planar magnetic drivers, the LCD-GX is claimed to provide an even more open soundstage, which is great for first person shooter (FPS) gamers since FPS games rely heavily on being able to correctly ascertain where a gunshot came from. Being able to pick up subtle audio cues such as footsteps is definitely a huge advantage.

The LCD-GX comes with two cables, one with a built-in directional mic that’s attached to a gooseneck arm and the standard LCD series cable without a microphone.

Credit: Audeze

The impedance on these headphones are 20 ohms, which means it’ll be easily powered by computers or smartphones. Audiophiles looking to get the best out of these however, would be best served by using an amp.

Good audio products all come at a price however, and the LCD-GX definitely is pricey at S$1,399. But if you take into consideration the price points of other comparable planar magnetic headphones that Audeze sells, I think it’s a pretty good deal for audiophiles who just want one headset that can be used for general music listening sessions and gaming.

The Audeze LCD-GX is available exclusively at AV One.

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