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Archer Aviation Receives FAA Approval to Launch Commercial Air Taxi Services

Archer Aviation has acquired FAA certification to begin commercial operations. The company's flagship eVTOL aircraft, "Midnight," is now undergoing Type Certification. Archer intends to develop its systems and methods with conventional planes.

This accomplishment makes Archer the second electric air taxi manufacturer to receive such accreditation.

Following the news, shares of the Santa Clara-based company rose 3% in morning trading. The Part 135 Certification permits Archer to formally begin providing services to the public.

While Archer's flagship electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, designated "Midnight," is still awaiting FAA Type Certification, this latest certification confirms that the company's operations meet the FAA's design and safety requirements.

Archer, which has backing from industry titans such as Stellantis, Boeing, and United Airlines, plans to use conventional planes to fine-tune its systems and procedures. Joby Aviation, a peer company, also got Part 135 certification from the FAA early this year.

Archer is one of several eVTOL manufacturers working to change urban travel by delivering short-haul air transportation in congested areas. However, the business confronts legal and technological obstacles, like as battery density, which has had an influence on eVTOL companies' stock prices.

Archer's shares have fallen by 47% this year, while Joby Aviation's have dropped by 26.7%. Despite these disappointments, prominent corporations have continued to invest in eVTOL manufacturers. Stellantis, for example, recently expanded its investment in Archer by almost 8.3 million shares, making it the company's largest stakeholder.

  • Archer Aviation has obtained FAA certification to commence commercial operations.

  • The company's flagship eVTOL aircraft, "Midnight," is awaiting Type Certification.

  • Archer plans to refine its systems and procedures using conventional aircraft.


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