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Apple to Sell Made-in-India iPhones on Launch Day for The First Time

Updated: Jan 8

In a significant departure from its previous strategy, Apple plans to make the India-built iPhone 15 available in India and other regions on the global sales debut day.

Apple to Sell Made-in-India iPhones on Launch Day
Credits: Getty Images

While the majority of iPhone 15s will still come from China, this marks the first time that a latest generation, India-assembled device will be available on the first day of sale. This move highlights India's growing production capabilities and Apple's efforts to diversify its manufacturing bases beyond China.

Apple began iPhone 15 production at Foxconn Technology Group's factory in Tamil Nadu last month, aiming to bridge the gap between its India operations and its main manufacturing bases in China. However, there may be slight delays due to unforeseen logistics bottlenecks.

Previously, Apple assembled only a fraction of its global output in India, with a significant lag behind China production. However, the delay has been reduced to just weeks and Apple has increased the proportion of iPhones assembled in India to 7% by the end of March. This shift is attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's incentives to boost local manufacturing and Apple's strategy to diversify beyond China amid the trade tensions between the US and China.

The iPhone 15 is expected to be the biggest update to the device in three years, featuring upgrades to the camera system and an improved 3-nanometer processor for the Pro models. This new lineup is crucial for Apple to revive its sales, as it has reported declining sales for three consecutive quarters due to weak consumer demand in key markets.

Other Apple suppliers in India, including Pegatron and a Wistron factory soon to be acquired by the Tata Group, are also expected to assemble the iPhone 15. Apple sees the Indian market as both a retail opportunity and an important production base for its gadgets in the long term. In the last quarter, iPhone sales in India experienced double-digit growth, reaching a new high.

  • Apple plans to release the India-built iPhone 15 on the first day of sales.

  • This marks a departure from Apple's previous strategy of selling mostly Chinese-made devices.

  • India's production capabilities are growing, and Apple aims to diversify its manufacturing bases.

Source: SCMP

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