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AMD Opens Advanced Server Platform Engineering Facility in Penang

While AMD is best known for its RYZEN processors and RADEON graphic cards, it did not lock itself into the consumer space entirely. In fact, it is pushing just as hard in the workstation and enterprise segments with its EPYC Server CPUs. To prove this point, AMD recently confirmed at a regional press meet its plans to open a new Server Platform Solutions Engineering (SPSE) facility in Penang, Malaysia.

Credit: AMD

This expansion effort, which will see a new facility built alongside the current test and research and development operation, will focus on driving next-gen capabilities for the EPYC family of server CPUs. Critical to this is being able to deliver end-to-end engineering across cloud platforms, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, high-performance computing and network solutions.

AMD revealed this growth plan just as it unveiled its 30 new processors for the Asia-Pacific region – this included a preview of the upcoming AMD RYZEN 7000 Series desktop and next-gen 5nm ZEN 4 CPUs.

Part of the expansion is the renewed commitment to grow its Penang workforce and help develop engineering talents for Malaysia and Southeast Asia. “[To achieve this] there is a five-year manpower plan in place to increase the staff strength from 140 to 400,” said Peter Chambers, Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan Mega Region, AMD APAC.

Another major focus for AMD’s expansion into Malaysia is how it wants to work closely with customers and partners – both current and new – to provide short- and long-term solutions.

“This strategic move will be a key driver for future server engineering advancements [for AMD], its customers and partners. [It will also play an important role for] the broader ecosystem,” added Lau Wai Shin, Site Lead, Server Engineering, AMD Malaysia.

Both Chambers and Lau believe that Penang has a broad range of technical talent that AMD can engage and train as it expands its production capabilities. They shared the fact that such talent is in demand, especially with chip fabrication and data centre development. In establishing an SPSE facility in Penang, AMD can tap on this high-performance talent pool to push the envelope for AI research and take the EPYC series to even new heights of innovation.

  • The new AMD facility in Penang, Malaysia will focus on research and development for the AMD EPYC server processors.

  • It will also take on the critical role of driving next-gen capabilities that grows customer and partner engagements.

  • Part of the growth plan includes tapping onto high-performance tech talents that Malaysia is known for.

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