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Amazon Web Services Restored After Disruption Impacts Transportation and Media Sites

Amazon's cloud services, including AWS, recover from a significant disruption affecting New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Boston Globe websites.

Amazon Web Services
Credit: REUTERS announced that its cloud services, provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), have been fully restored following a major disruption on Tuesday. The incident had a notable impact on various platforms, including the websites of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Boston Globe.

After started reporting outages, Amazon swiftly resolved the issue, stating that "all AWS Services are operating normally." This incident highlighted the reliance of numerous companies on Amazon's younger Lambda service and other essential cloud offerings in today's internet-centric era.

Research conducted by cloud company Datadog in the past year revealed that over half of organizations utilising cloud services employ Lambda or competing "serverless" technologies.

Downdetector's outage reports decreased from over 12,000 to below 700 as the day progressed. Although smaller in scale and duration than a previous disruption to Amazon's data-hosting service in 2017, which represents a core aspect of its cloud business, this incident had notable repercussions.

The AWS outage even affected AWS's own web page describing the disruptions, which, at one point, failed to load, as observed by Reuters witnesses.

Amazon clarified, "We quickly identified the root cause as an issue with a subsystem responsible for capacity management for AWS Lambda. This caused errors directly for customers and indirectly through the use of other AWS services."

AWS Lambda allows customers to run computer programs without the need for managing underlying servers.

The disruption also impacted services such as the U.S. securities regulator's EDGAR system, Southwest Airlines, the Verge, and AP for Students. Frustration over the outage was expressed on Twitter, with one user humorously mentioning, "I don't know, Alexa won't tell me because #AWS and her services are down!"

Delta Air Lines reported issues with its website but did not confirm a direct connection to the AWS outage. United Airlines stated that its operations were minimally affected, assuring, "we're out of impact."

Downdetector indicated that other Amazon services, including Amazon Music and Alexa, were also affected.

Amazon's most recent major outage occurred in December 2021, resulting in temporary disruptions to its cloud services, which affected streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+, Robinhood and Amazon's e-commerce website, just before Christmas.

Following the incident, Amazon's stock showed little movement in after-market trading on Tuesday.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) restored after disruption impacting transportation and media sites.

  • Amazon's Lambda service gains importance as cloud adoption rises.

  • Outage reports significantly decrease, contrasting with a previous major incident in 2017.

  • AWS's own web page experienced disruption during the incident.

  • Multiple services, including EDGAR, Southwest Airlines, and the Verge, were affected.

  • Amazon's other services, such as Amazon Music and Alexa, also experienced impact.

  • Delta Air Lines reported website issues, United Airlines claimed minimal impact.

  • Previous major outage occurred in December 2021, affecting Netflix, Disney+, Robinhood, and Amazon's e-commerce platform.

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