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AirAsia Food Launches in SG; Offers Unlimited Free Delivery for Two Weeks

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

airasia food delivery team member 2

Credit: AirAsia

AirAsia’s food delivery service, airasia food, is now in Singapore!

AirAsia’s rapidly growing food delivery platform was launched in Singapore on 2 March 2021. The delivery platform is offering unlimited free deliveries for two weeks until 16 March 2021 for deliveries within eight kilometres from the order point.

Users of the AirAsia super app will be able to earn BIG points for ordering through the app as well as use them as payment for their food. They will also be able to order ahead of time with the app’s advance order feature.

AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes, said that their expansion into Singapore is a key milestone for their company’s super app since its launch in 2020. He also added that they are thrilled to be a notable player in the food delivery scene in Singapore.

Fernandes also mentioned that the company’s food delivery service will offer a much lower commission rate to help local food businesses keep their cost low. As a result, customers will get to enjoy lower prices for their favourite dishes.

airasia food delivery team member

An AirAsia food delivery team member Credit: AirAsia

Lim Ben-Jie, AirAsia super app Head of e-Commerce, stated that delivery riders can earn up to S$700 a week on average based on the company’s incentive scheme. He is sure that it will be a very viable option for riders whose take-home income have been impacted by recent petrol price hikes. “We want to contribute positively towards the whole food delivery chain in Singapore and to further grow this segment,” Lim Ben-Jie added. Those who would like to join the AirAsia Food delivery team can visit the Teleport sign-up page to enter.

Lim Ben-Jie also said that food and beverage operators only need to fill up a form and wait for an AirAsia Food agent to contact them to be one of the merchants in the food delivery platform. He further stated that the food delivery platform will provide dedicated teams who will assist merchants in the integration procedures at the soonest possible time and enable them to go live within 48 hours with no registration or setup fees.


Written by John Paul Joaquin

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