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  • Kyle Chua

7 New Features Of Oppo’s ColorOS 12

Oppo has launched the global version of ColorOS 12, the new mobile operating system based on Android 12, in tandem with the twelfth major release of Android, making the Chinese phone maker one of the first original equipment manufacturers to put out an Android 12 skin.

Credit: Oppo

Oppo also plans to make the update the widest-reaching in the company’s history, covering 110 devices and 150 million users around the world.

Oppo added that it has revised its update policy for devices released from 2019 onwards. The flagship Find X series devices will receive three major Android updates, the Reno/F/K series will receive two, while some A series devices will receive one.

Expectedly, a new update brings new features. Here are seven of the coolest ones that Oppo will be debuting with ColorOS 12.

1. Inclusive Design

One of the most noticeable changes coming with ColorOS 12 is the revamped interface. Oppo has been working on the design of ColorOS for a couple of years now and this iteration looks to further refine the overall look, opting for a cleaner and less noisy aesthetic.

Credit: Oppo

It’s based on the company’s "Infinite Design" concept, which features updated acrylic icons, increased text contrast and improved use of space for better information density, among other design tweaks. ColorOS will be offered in 67 languages, with UI elements and copy properly localised for each language.

2. Quantum Animation Engine 3.0

Along with the new interface, ColorOS 12 will also debut a new animation engine, called Quantum Animation Engine 3.0. It’s said to offer dynamic damping and extreme feedback, which essentially allows the system to recognise elements with different mass and inertia. This results in the swiping motion feeling smoother and more intuitive.

Credit: Oppo

The new animation engine also comes with AI Self-Smooth Engine 2.0, an engine that optimises the device’s performance. Oppo touts that it can reduce memory usage by up to 30%, lessen background power consumption by up to 20% and increase battery life by up to 12%.

3. Omoji

Credit: Oppo

In what sounds like a play of words that combine “Oppo” and “emoji”, Omoji is a new feature that lets you create a personalised avatar that you can use for video calls or as a profile image. It uses 20,000 unique markers to create a high-precision 3D model of your face through face capture that can mimic different facial expressions in real-time, similar to Apple’s Animoji. You can also customise with different options for skin colour, hair, eyes, nose, and accessories.

Omoji will not be available at launch, however, with an expected release date of December 2021.

4. Smart Sidebar 2.0

Credit: Oppo

Another new feature is Smart Sidebar 2.0, which lets you pull out a panel displaying context-based actions and smart functions depending on what you’re doing on your device. For example, the sidebar can show an option to compare prices while you’re shopping online or, say, suggest real-time translation when you’re watching a video in a foreign language.

5. FlexDrop

Credit: Oppo

The FlexDrop multi-tasking feature from ColorOS 11 has been improved as well. It’s now a lot more intuitive, with the content being able to be resized between different window modes by just a few touches or drags.

6. Cross-Screen Interconnection

Credit: Oppo

ColorOS 12 will also be debuting the new Cross-Screen Interconnection feature, which lets you connect your device to a PC and perform a host of actions there. While connected, you can view notifications, transfer files between the two devices and edit files saved on your phone. You can enable screen-mirroring as well to control your phone using your PC.

To be able to use the feature, your PC should reportedly be running a 64-bit version of Windows 10. You’ll also need at least a 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi Direct. However, this feature will also not be available at launch, with an expected launch date of February 2022.

7. Privacy

Rounding out our list is the bunch of privacy features that will be introduced in ColorOS 12. Android 12's privacy features will be integrated here, so you'll be able to share only your approximate location with apps, stop all apps from using the microphone and camera with quick toggles in Quick Settings and more.

Credit: Oppo

Something that's cool though, is Oppo's anti-peeping notification. Essentially, the phone will use an AI-enhanced sensor to detect if anybody around you is looking at your screen, and if so, detailed notification content will be hidden.

Oppo is scheduled to unveil the full details of the global version of ColorOS 12 at an online launch event on 11 October. There, it will share more about the new update’s features and the global rollout timeline.


Written by Kyle Chua


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