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7 New Features Of Oppo’s ColorOS 12

Oppo has launched the global version of ColorOS 12, the new mobile operating system based on Android 12, in tandem with the twelfth major release of Android, making the Chinese phone maker one of the first original equipment manufacturers to put out an Android 12 skin.

Credit: Oppo

Oppo also plans to make the update the widest-reaching in the company’s history, covering 110 devices and 150 million users around the world.

Oppo added that it has revised its update policy for devices released from 2019 onwards. The flagship Find X series devices will receive three major Android updates, the Reno/F/K series will receive two, while some A series devices will receive one.

Expectedly, a new update brings new features. Here are seven of the coolest ones that Oppo will be debuting with ColorOS 12.

1. Inclusive Design

One of the most noticeable changes coming with ColorOS 12 is the revamped interface. Oppo has been working on the design of ColorOS for a couple of years now and this iteration looks to further refine the overall look, opting for a cleaner and less noisy aesthetic.