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  • Cheryl Tan

7 Must-Know Apps On The Huawei AppGallery To Keep You Entertained

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Most of us are stuck at home due to the Circuit Breaker measures implemented in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean we have to be bored out of our minds. If you have a Huawei phone, here are some apps available on the AppGallery that will keep you entertained, informed and even healthy!

1. Viu

Love your Korean dramas? Me too. Thanks to the video streaming app Viu, people all over the world can now enjoy dramas as fast as 8 hours after the episode airs in Korea! There are plenty of Korean dramas and variety shows, so there’ll definitely be something for everyone. There’s plenty of Chinese dramas as well like Scarlet Heart and Eternal Love of Dream, and even English shows from channels like Discovery!

2. iQiYi

One of the two biggest video streaming platforms in China, iQiYi has plenty going for it, including deals with Netflix to air their original content in the country. For Chinese drama lovers, this is the app to have. There are even cool talk shows that I previously only thought were available in China, like I Can I BB. There are also some Korean dramas available like Descendants of the Sun and The Heirs, but this is predominantly a Chinese video streaming app so you can expect more Chinese content on it.

3. Huawei Video

If you don’t want to download additional apps, you have the Huawei Video app that has quite a few options. There are Chinese shows like Empresses In The Palace and Huawei has even struck a deal with Hong Kong TV channel, TVB, to bring Cantonese dramas to the app. That’s not all, you also get news snippets with BBC, and apparently, BBC’s TV shows will also be airing on the app sometime later this year.

Huawei’s Video app has a dedicated Kids section that only has animated shows for the younger audience, so parents can rest assured that their children will also have something to watch.

4. Fortnite

Shows not your thing? No worries, there’s always uber-popular Fortnite. This battle royale game needs no introduction. With over 125 million players in less than a year, Fortnite has definitely made its mark on the gaming world. You might not be able to meet up with your friends in the real world, but you can definitely squad up and have some fun in Fortnite!

5. Asphalt 9

Want even more high-speed, thrilling action? Asphalt 9 works brilliantly on the Huawei P40 Pro, with the 90Hz refresh rate resulting in a smooth gaming experience. The Kirin 990 processor makes for excellent performance while gaming, and the downward-firing speaker is loud and clear.

6. Keep-Trainer

Being cooped up at home isn’t an excuse to stop exercising, and there are apps that are designed to help users stay fit even within their own homes! You can try free 7-day programs, or go for workouts that are targeted towards specific body parts like legs or abs. There’s a subscription to unlock Premium training plans, but there are plenty of free ones that are more than adequate for the average user.

7. Keep Yoga

If you’re not a fan of HIIT or the likes, maybe Keep Yoga would be a good choice. There are weekly programmes as well as individual workouts to train strength, destress or sculpt individual parts like core or your glutes. There are also breathing exercises for mediation, which is great. Surprisingly, I didn’t see any workouts locked behind the premium subscription, so I guess all of these are free!

And there we have it. There are plenty more apps on the Huawei AppGallery, but these worked really well to keep me entertained over the last week. Hopefully, there’ll be even more apps coming out so that we’ll all be able to get through the Circuit Breaker period without being too bored at home!

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