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  • Cheryl Tan

10x More Oxygen In Your Water? | Singapore Tech Companies At CES 2020

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Did you know your tap water only contains 4-8ppm of dissolved oxygen? If that sounds too little, you’re right. Water in nature contains 8-20ppm of dissolved oxygen. According to the Division of Water in Cleveland, the more dissolved oxygen there is in water, the better it tastes.

Credit: OxyTap

Singaporean company OxyTap is looking to change that with their OXYTAP Oxygen Maker machine. The machine siphons out a small amount of water from an attached bottle, then separates the oxygen and hydrogen molecules present and reincorporates the oxygen molecules back into the water.

This results in an average of 30-45ppm of dissolved oxygen in the water that the machine has processed. With no other additional cost aside from the electricity costs required to run the machine, this is a good way of introducing more oxygen to the water that we drink every day.

Imagine if companies or schools implemented this, it would be a great way to get healthier water to workers and children. OxyTap wasn’t the only interesting Singaporean company exhibiting at CES 2020 though. Popsical should be a pretty well-known name in Singapore, with their first karaoke system being sold in 2017.

They’ve now launched their Popsical Remix system, which comprises of a palm-sized wireless streaming device and two microphones. Gone are the days of big, bulky karaoke machines that took up way too much space in the house. Now everybody can sing to their heart’s content in the comfort of their home, with new songs being added constantly.

If users are at a party and want to comment on their friends’ singing, the phone app even allows them to send thumbs up, boos, heart shapes and more, adding a really fun and interactive element to the experience.

But what if you’re done with your karaoke session and want to turn off the TV and your sound system, but can’t find the remotes? That’s where AICO‘s Smart Egg Pro comes in. You might be thinking, “not another smart home device? I’ve already got my Google Home/Apple Home!”.

It’s not just another device to control your smart home. This actually allows you to control appliances that aren’t connected to your smart home. The Smart Egg Pro is basically a master remote for all appliances that use infrared remotes to control. So your television (even if it’s not smart!), your speakers and amps, air-conditioner and more.

You’ll control everything via an app on your phone, and you can even set timers to turn on appliances without having to manually do it in the app.

Credit: uHoo

But how would you know when you need to turn on your air purifiers or air-conditioner to cool down the room? Indoor air sensor uHoo has you covered. With nine parameters – temperature, humidity, dust (PM2.5), carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chemicals (VOCs), carbon monoxide, oxone and air pressure – being measured, you’ll be able to see exact levels on the mobile app and decide what steps to take.

If your air purifier doesn’t have an infrared remote, no problem. uHoo’s mobile app can control it, and other appliances, via IFTTT once it’s set up.


CES has thousands of companies exhibiting every year, but it’s heartening to see that Singapore isn’t losing out on this front.

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